Our solutions

“We have created each BluePad functionality to assist you with a particular site issue”

Access all your documents

Adopt a mobile document management system and rule out any risk of losing information.

File together all technical and legal documentation and access it anywhere, no matter the type or size of your documents.

Make communication seamless and efficient

Increase site communication efficiency. Our application is completely collaborative, enabling you to get all project participants involved, specially through custom alerts and notifications.

Digitalise your processes

Through our approach, digitalisation doesn’t imply changing your procedures. The existing is digitalised and integrated on BluePad to facilitate a site management system that aligns to your habits.

An ally for reporting

Simplify the administrative management of your projects through an infallible traceability of actions and participants. BluePad is the ideal support to help you on your report and synthesis work, such as preparation of meeting summaries and HSE reports.