3 levels of support for your projects

Basic BluePad solution

In its standard form, BluePad provides all necessary modules and functionalities for the general management of your site. We ensure the instruction of the users directly on site or in your offices and our team is always available if needed.

Parametrisation and project support

According to your needs, we can act as a digital assistant to the client. We ensure in that case the parametrisation and supervision of your projects in a turnkey service.

Tailored solutions, personalisation and POC

BluePad’s adaptability and interoperability makes our model particularly relevant for the specialisation needed in construction and industry. We develop for an important part of our clients POC to develop tailor-made tools, targeted to their operational needs and processes.

Why resort to POC for your innovations?


POC enables you to implement you personalised solution faster, as the design phase and the operational implementation are carried out simultaneously


Functioning as partners enables you to gain suppleness and agility


Limit your risks and uncertainties thanks to a measured ressource mobilisation


Your decision making is facilitated and your engagement to a final solution is conditioned to the success of the POC stage

POC, personalised solution, controlled budget.

It often happens that our clients, who wish to develop their customised solution, are faced with the cumbersomeness of the preliminary studies (design brief, design of the interfaces, etc…) and with technical uncertainties, which can lead them to abandon or postpone the innovation project.

Progressively reduce risks and uncertainties in contact with the users

POC (Proof Of Concept) is a quick and economical method to carry out your digital innovations. Your solution is developed iteratively through interaction with your project managers and final users, until it becomes the final product.

At BluePad, we work with the Agile management method, particularly adapted to the POC model. We have several significant POC projects that have now transformed into operational solutions, particularly with  important clients on different sectors: construction, industry, providers of social housing, etc…